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Riot Whitewater Kayaks




The Astro series offers a crisp and dynamic freestyle playboating. With release edges all around the hull, the perfect amount of rocker back and forth and just the buoyancy you need to push it down enough, without staying down too long upon landing. The result? A bouncing machine that will let you show it off without kicking you off the curb in the next turn. All these features serve the purpose of whether you land frontwards or backwards… we’ll leave that up to you!


Features: ››Unity seating system ››Floating Backrest ››Suregrip thighbraces ››2 Rubber grab loops ››2 Rubber handles ››Security bar ››Drainplug ››Powerseat compatible

SPECIFICATIONS: Length 6’4’’ – 193 cm , width 25.7’’ – 65 cm , weight 35 lbs – 16 kg, cockpit 33’’ x 18.5’’- 84 x 47 cm, volume 58 US gal- 220 L, weight range 170 lbs - 230 lbs, 77 kg - 104 kg



Now a classic, the Boogie is undoubtedly the boat of choice on rocky shores and for any surf kayaker seeking an affordable, high performance and care-free surfing machine. Its squashtail template with super-sharp rails on the back and long, roomy front and provides tremendous speed, tons of carving power, and allows paddlers of all sizes to feel the love.


Features: ›Surfing powerseat ››Easy-to-shape foam footblocks ››Padded kneepockets ››2 rubber grab loops ››Drainplug

SPECIFICATiONS : Length 7’9’’ – 236 cm, Width 24.7’’ – 63 cm, weight 35 lbs – 16 kg, Cockpit 32’’ x 17’’ - 81 x 43 cm, Weight range 120 lbs - 200 lbs , 54 kg - 91 kg, Volume 50 US gal -189 L