Splash, Dry, Thermal Pants, Shorts


Liquidlife Neoprene Shorts



Neoprene paddling shorts 1.0mm thermolite neoprene, These have a high cut waist and extra length in the leg. Made of super-stretch 1mm neoprene these shorts guarantee you comfort in any situation.

Colours: grey

Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL ( sizes run small)

Adrenaline 2P Shorts

Adrenalin 2P Thermal Shorts with Fleece Lining.

As outerwear or as a thermal underlayer of insulation, the innovative, Super Stretch PP Thermals are perfect for any activity, wet or dry, wherever you need protection without restriction.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour: Black

Adrenaline 2P Long Pants

2P Thermo Shield Superstretch  + Fleece (inside). Ideal for winter these paddling pants will keep you warm whilst providing maximum comfort and protection.  Use on their own for warmth and wind protection or under your drypants.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Colour: Black

NRS Endurance Splash Pants

Made from our ultra breathable, waterproof 2.5 HyproTex fabric, the NRS Endurance Pants are comfortable, durable - the best value around. Soft and durable 2.5 layer HyproTex™ with its micro-porous, hydro-phobic qualities is waterproof and very breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable. The pants feature a double-pull, hook-and-loop neoprene waste band and adjustable ankle cuffs to help keep water out. For maximum durability, the knee panels are double-thick and the seat panel is reinforced with Cordura fabric. Generous cut provides roomy fit for easy layering underneath

NRS BLackrock Dry Pants

NRS BlackRock Dry Pants keep you dry, even when you're standing waist-deep in the water. The high waist band easily tucks up under your drytop tunnel to help keep water out when you're fully immersed. Cut for comfort with room to spare for layering.

Latex ankle gaskets with adjustable neoprene overcuffs, seal tight against your skin to keep water out.
Built using tough, waterproof and highly breathable HyproTex 2.5™.
Cordura®-reinforced seat and knees for years of durability.
Gusseted neoprene overcuffs protect durable latex ankle gaskets.
8"-tall, 3-mm neoprene band seals tight at the waist.
Roomy cut allows for layering underneath when the temperature drops.

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL

NRS Hydroskin Shorts

The perfect shorts for all-weather paddling. Whether it's warm or cold, the NRS HydroSkin Shorts work great as a layering piece or worn by themselves.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, Colour: Black

NRS Hydroskin Sport Shorts

An all-weather paddling short just for women. Whether it's warm or cold, the NRS Women's HydroSkin® Sport Short works great as a layering piece or worn by themselves.

Made with a 0.5-mm neoprene core for maximum mobility, comfort and warmth.
A 5" inseam and extended back gives you extra coverage and protection from the elements while sitting.
Lined with ThermalPlush™ for unsurpassed comfort and warmth.
4-way stretch PowerSpan™ outer layer for unrestricted mobility.
Titanium laminate adhesive aids body heat retention.
The DWR coating forces water to "bead" and roll off the shorts.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L , XL

Colour: Black

HIKO Ronwe splah pant

Basic pants are designed for recreational paddling and touring. Loose cut allow free movement. Neoprene waist is adjustable and protects lower back from cold. The leg sleeves can be tightened with velcro. The inner side of the sleeves is equipped with PU leather to minimize seeping of water in the pants.

Snappy dry pants - HIKO

Trousers matching the SNAPPY cag made of two-layer fabric, suitable for all kinds of water activities, collors grey.

Slim 0.5 Neo Shorts by HIKO

Just 0.5 mm thin neoprene gives you the feeling of wearing a second skin. Neospan is extremely flexible so it does not restrain movement. Slim products are great to use on a cold summer day during a long stay in the water to avoid the shivers. An improvement form previous Cookie line is in contruction. SLIM.5 is designed for tighter fit resulting in higher insulation.