SUP Lessons



Includes gear

Start to SUP

Beginner classes to get you started on a SUP – learn the basics on how to enter and exit the water, paddling forward with good technique and form and turns.

• Correct posture and positioning when paddling

• Basic paddle strokes and 360º turns on both sides

• Safe entry and exit from the water

• Carrying and caring for your equipment

• Using your paddle for stability

• Explanation of core body fitness benefits

• Falling safely


Call to book 18000 KAYAK - Cost $40 60 min class



Includes gear

Learn some basic stretches and Yoga moves to help your stability on and off the board.  Start with simple upward dog and tree pose and work your way up from there. Finish refreshed and ready to meet the day.  Suitable for all ages.  Morning sessions only.

CALL to Book 18000 KAYAK - Cost $40 min class


Includes gear

Learn more technique on how to edge and change direction,  up and down gates and control. All the moves you'll need for SUP slalom and boater cross. Learn the up and coming race tech.

Call to book 18000 KAYAK - Cost $50 - 60 min session