SIT ON TOP kayaks

Canoes Plus has a fully stocked display showroom at our retail store at 733 High Street, Kew East. So come on in and browse the huge range and get great advice from our professional staff.

Below is a sample of our products:


Weenie Wave Kids Kayak

includes paddle - INTRODUCTORY OFFER

The Wave Kayak is excellent for kids as it can easily be manoevered by an active 5 year old child and as it only weighs 9.5kg - kids can help with getting the kayak to the water.

Best Kids Kayak because its small size means that it is easy for children, even very young children, to handle. They soon gain confidence and love the independence of their own boat.  Children can easily get on and start paddling. Sit on kayaks are also much easier to get back on, if you fall off while kayaking.

  • Designed for ages 3-9 years - or up to 60Kg
  • Light kids kayak - only 9.5kg - easy for a child to manage
  • Width 58cm :: Length 180cm
  • Available in a range of bright colours

    Stability, durability and specialization to the fisherman’s needs are the three answered objectives of the Coosa’s unique design. The wider hull design, Stability and Standability, Hi/Lo seat setup, deck arrangement with numerous paddle/rod staging and holding options, and the unique secondary edges designed by World Champion Jackson Kayak engineers make the Coosa the most stable craft on the water. Build with elite plastic molding, as designed for whitewater kayakers, the Coosa can withstand anything an angler can throw at it; Couple that with outstanding and unique fishing features and you have simply the best all round fishing kayak out there.

    • Length: 11’3
    • Width: 31.5 inches (hull) 23 inches (interior standing platform)
    • Weight: 63lbs without seat, 67lbs with seat
    • Weight Capacity: 375lbs.



    This versatile, general purpose recreational sit-on-top features Jackson Kayak signature Hi-Lo Seating for ease of entry and exiting as well as an incredibly stable hull. The Cruise includes basic deck features like cup holders and bungees. It is also easily accessorized for all your kayak fishing needs.


    • CRUISE 12 \: •Length: 12’3″, •Width: 31.5′, •Height: 13.5′, •Weight: 68 w/ Seat, 63 w/0 Seat, •Capacity: 350lbs



    The Cuda 12 is the perfect counter part for its big brother, the Cuda 14.This is still a watercraft built for inshore, offshore, lakes and other large bodies of water, but now in a mid-range size allows for an even more versatile watercraft

    CUDA 12 •Length: 12’6″, •Width: 31′, •Height: 14′, •Weight: 74 w/ Seat, 68 w/o Seat, •Hi/Lo Seating, •Front Hatch Dimensions: 9 3/8″, •Rear Hatch Dimensions: 9 3/8″, •Rear and Bow Deck Rigging, •Optional Peg Rudder, •Ideal Weight Range: 120-220 lbs, •Capacity: 350 lbs


    The Cuda is finally the answer to the big water fisherman’s dream because it has both the speed needed to trek long distances quickly, and the rare ability to be stable for standing when you get to your destination. The option to move the seat high or low depending on your preference and fishing environment, and the ability to remove it from the boat, makes it one of the top seats on the market today.

    CUDA 14: Length (ft, in) 14′ 3″ ; Width (in) 30.5″; Weight (in) 11″ (seat area); Weight (Pounds) 74 lbs (w/o seat); Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Elite Seat ; Front Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 16 1/4″ X 11 3/8″ ; Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 5 1/2″; Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 9 3/8″ ; Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Yes, Both; Rudder (Yes/No, Optional) Yes, Optional; Rudder Type (Smart, Peg) Smart ; Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Peg; Opt. Overall (lbs) 135-225 lbs ; Capacity (lbs) 400 lbs


    The Kraken 13.5 is an all-new option for paddlers looking to tackle big water. Based on The Kraken 15.5 platform, the 13.5 sheds some length for more maneuverability but with all the punch of its big brother. This kayak, just like the original, is designed for the most challenging paddling environments in the world and intended for the offshore and big lake kayak angler.

    Kraken 13.5

    • Length13.3
    • Width30.5
    • # of Seats1
    • Height14.5
    • Hi/Lo SeatingYes (1 position) Lo Fore/Aft Trim
    • MaterialSuperlinear Polyethylene Rear HatchYes; Round, 9.375
    • Rudder ReadyYes (Rudder Sold Separately)
    • Rudder TypeSealect TruCourse
    • Seat TypeElite 3.0
    • Total Capacity350
    • Weight (Pounds)72 (76 w/ seat)

    Elite Version $2895


    This kayak is designed for some of the most challenging paddling environments in the world and intended for the offshore and big lake kayak angler.This kayak marks the first collaborative design between legendary kayak angler, Jim Sammons and Jackson Kayak’s design team led by Tony Lee. The end result is a boat shaped and built to accommodate those hitting the open water, those looking for speed, comfort, perfect trim and big water management. It’s a paddlers fishing kayak! It’s designed for punching through surf, handling rough offshore currents, swells, beach landings and those who desire ultimate performance when paddling long distances to get on big fish.

    *NEW For 2016* Charcoal Grey Seat Cover - Ergonomic Handles - Fish Grips - Line Cutterz - SealLine Seat Pouch

    Kraken 15.5

    • Length15'7
    • Width30
    • # of Seats1
    • Height15.5
    • MaterialLinear Poly
    • Rear HatchYes; Round, 9.375
    • Rudder ReadyYes (Rudder Sold Separately)
    • Rudder TypeSealect TruCourse
    • Seat TypeElite 3.0
    • Total Capacity400 lbs

    Elite Version $3095


    The new Jackson Kayak Big Tuna tandem fishing kayak is a creature unlike any other on the market, with multiple never before seen features like the patent pending ‘Tuna Tank’, a unique bait/live well that requires no plumbing or electronics! It utilizes the water from beneath the boat to circulate into the bait tank keeping fish lively and fresh unlike any other system on the market. The tank also resides in the center of the boat for easy access and management.

    BIG TUNA: Length (ft, in) 14 ft 1 in ; Width (in) 35.5 in; Height (in) 13 in @ beam. 16 in max.; Weight (Pounds) 102 lbs. (87 w/out seats and tank) ; # Seats 2; Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Elite; Hi-Lo Seating (Yes/No) Yes; Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 8-inch in bow ; Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 16 1/4″ X 11 3/8″; Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Yes, Bow and Stern Rigging ; Rudder (Yes/No, Optional) Optional; Rudder Type (Smart, Peg) Peg; Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Peg and Molded ; Capacity (lbs) 575 lbs


    The best priced tandem sit on top kayak available. Features 2 large storage hatches, 4 flushmount rod holders, rear tankwell.

    Length 420cm, Width 79cm, Height 33cm, Weight 33kg, Capacity 300kg


    Great training boat or racer for the budget conscious


    Features: Memory foam seat, Eyetraps for installation of optional seatback, Quick-lock footbraces, Watertight aft hatch & day hatch, Easy drain system, Stern gear net, Easy carry toggle handles, Optional rudder.

    SPECIFICATIONS: length 15’10" / 483 cm, width 20.5"/ 52 cm, depth 10"/ 25 cm; weight 50 lbs / 23 kg; day hatch 4" / 10 cm; stern hatch 8" / 20 cm; stern hatch vol. 9.75 US gal / 37 L; rec.max.cap. 250 lbs / 114 kg